The Types of Breast Augmentation

The procedure undergone by women to resize their breast is known as breast augmentation. It is a surgical procedure that helps in enhancing the women's body contour. There are many reasons why one may want to undergo this procedure. It may be because they want to improve their self-esteem or to enhance their figure or just to increase the size of the breast. Sometimes it may be done after pregnancy in order to correct the breast contraction that is caused by breast feeding an infant. Visit website to get started.

This procedure has been hailed to have many benefits by those who have undergone it such as boosting a person's self-confidence on their personality as it improves the appearance of a person. However, it may change the way a person interacts with other people after undergoing the implantation. It is basically referred as strictly a woman issue. Most men consider good looking breast as a symbol of women femininity and that is why they are considered as a proper way of inviting their attention. Those women that undergo this procedure are generally looking for the perfect shape and size for their breasts based on the concepts discussed above.

Breast augmentation procedure requires incision in four major regions in the breast and this are areola, breast folds , belly button as well as the armpit. Just like the incision is done on different parts of the body, there are various types of breast augmentation too.

Trans Axillary breast surgery is the first type of breast incision and it mainly involves an incision in the armpit creating a pocket under the chest muscle. It is the best approach when it comes to hiding the scar as it is found on the breast area and not the breast itself. Its advantageous in that one will not experience numbness and no muscles will be cut while undergoing the procedure.

The other type of breast augmentation is infra mammary augmentation which is made within the breast sold. The incision is made right under the breast. The main advantage of this procedure is that it as simple and perfect for silicone implants. Click here to find  Washington DC Top Plastic Surgeons .

The last type of breast augmentation procedure is the peri-Areolar breast augmentation whereby a small incision is made around the lower border of the areola. The scar is automatically concealed as it is on the areola. This procedure is perfect for those people that don't have a defined fold.
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